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Case Study: Magazine Style Publishing For All Types of Businesses

One of my clients had a yearly budget of $30,000 to print and distribute a publication twice a year to more than 700 stores. When I began working with this business, each store got one black and white copy, photocopied. The company wanted a better way to deliver the information. DPS gave them that solution.

Problem: How to make stores want to read and implement 150+ pages of merchandising information?

Answer: Give them something easy to read and use ... a magazine.

Implementation: My challenge was set. Working with their internal design team, we mocked up a 80 page version that would house all the information in 150+ page black and white version. We took the fold-out plano grams and turned them into spreads, which would allow store employees to lay the magazine flat while they set the fixtures in the store to match the magazine. We also changed the layout to mimic that of current newsstand magazines. This would allow us to fit more content in a smaller area, which saves on printing costs and made the project much more fun for the designers.

After the mockup was complete, I took the new design to the department managers, who would provide the content for their section. I challenged them to edit their copy to fit the new design. They excelled at this challenge. The new copy was fresh and targeted to their audience, which would later prove to be the key to reducing the number of questions from stores. We then took the new copy and placed it into the new design and had a few thousand printed. After months of work it was time to see if the hard work had paid off.

Result: The new design called for a new printer and after negotiating the printing contract, the cost to produce the new magazine style publication was around $10,000 per printing, which would instead of giving each store one black-and-white copy, it would give them four color copies.

All said and done, the $30,000 yearly budget turned into $20,000 with value added.

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Regardless of your publishing budget, DPS provides expert solutions that will give you added value to your content and bottom line.

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• Editorial content and design
• Printing and distribution contracts
• Computer software purchasing advice

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Clients Speak Out For DPS

If it were not for Davis Publishing Solutions our 2006 marketing campaign would not have been a success. They were very patient with our campaign needs and provided quality work under a tight company deadline. We look forward to many more successful campaigns in the near future. - Kevin, Loos Homes
Being a start-up company, our technology budget was extremely tight. DPS was able to work very well within our budget to produce a fabulous e-commerce web site. Their flexibility and wonderful customer service enabled my company to achieve our goals. - Jonathan, B&D Services
I have never worked with such a great company as Davis Publishing Solutions.  Their instructors can connect with any age group.  The teens and college kids think they are cool, and they hang on every word.  They challenge the students and keep them involved.  My publication advisers and older students (even those in their 60s!) can "keep up" and not get frustrated with the new concepts. The teachers were patient and were able to teach the same concept in multiple ways so everyone can learn. DPS truly have gifted instructors - top in their field.
- Beth, MSPA